Uludar Almost ready for PTR

Blizzard announced that the release of Ulduar content to PTR is very close, and ask players to take part in testing and reviewing these contents.
UludarWe're going to be performing testing differently than in the past. We're looking for much more targeted feedback, and we don't want to just have the zone freely open and allow extended, unsupervised testing to take place.
So, when the PTR servers come up with 3.1.0, by default Ulduar will be turned completely off. We'll instead enable Ulduar and specific bosses during times where the encounter team can observe testing .
Also released: some more details about how exactly Ulduar design differs from Naxx.
Boss fights that have a Hard Mode are affected by certain variables that players can control and that change the encounter's difficulty. For example, spread throughout Ulduar's vehicle section are four Defense Towers you can destroy. The more Towers you leave intact, the harder the encounter with the Flame Leviathan will be, but the loot will also be better .
Out of 14 bosses in Uludar, 11 will have a "hard difficulty" level.

It is now up to the community to decide if the long wait for Ulduar was indeed justified, and if it answers issues and concerns raised within the raiding community regarding Naxx design and difficulty.


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