Therazane Reputation Guide

Welcome to the Therazane Reputation Guide, all the quests, addons and shortcuts to level the Therazane Reputation up the exalted.

Therazane Reputation Guide
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Q: What is the Therazane Reputation Faction?

A: The Therazane reputation faction is the Cataclysm equivalent of the Sons of Hodir faction, giving you rewards threw reputation.

Q: What is the fastest way to level the Therazane Reputation?

A: To help you speed up threw the process of leveling the Therazane Reputation I am including all the quests you need to do in order to raise this reputation to exalted.  However, you might want to take the lazy route (like I do!) and just get yourself an in game guide-addon to guide to get you threw it. I recommend Zygors Rep and dailies Guide. It will also boost the rest of your Cataclysm Faction rep such as: Guardians of Hyjal, Earthen ring, Hellscreams reach and more threw the daily quests (as well as make you nice amount of cash from the dailies themselves).

Q: Why is the Therazane Reputation so important?

A: The Therazane Reputation offers the best shoulder enchants, making it by far the most desirable reputation faction, a mandatory must have exalted for any Cataclysm player.

Q: Wait, what the hell is this reputation you go on about?

If you are a new player, and have no idea what reputation factions are, check out the Reputaion FAQ I made back on WoTLK.

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