Razorscale strategy guide for dummies

The following Razorscale strategy refers to the Ulduar raid instance (10 and 25 man raid). For discussions on Razorscale strategy visit the Raiding Forum.

Razorscale strategy Basics:

The razorscale strategy consists of 3 phases:

Phase 1: Razorscale is up in the air. Friendly units are fixing harpoons on the ground to bring her down, and the raid protects them from enemy mobs that spawn.
Phase 2 (when harpoons are fixed and shot): Razorscale is stunned on the ground.
Phane 1 and 2 rotate until Razorscale reaches 50% health which starts phase 3.
Phase 3: Razorscale is fought as usual on the ground.
Below is a narrated Tutorial of the RazorScale Strategy:

Razorscale main abilities:

Wing Buffet (1.5 sec cast):
Knocks back players in 35 yard radius, will activate when Phase 2 is finished.

Flame Breathe (cone AOE, 2.5 seconds cast) :
Deals high (about 15K) fire damage in a cone in front of razorscale (or onto the ground if she's flying).

Devouring flame:
This is the main Ability you should keep out of while Razorscale is up in the air. Causes Medium (about 6-8K) damage to a player and leaves an AOE on the ground that deals the same amount to anyone not moving out of it.

Flame Buffet:
Debuff. Increasing fire damage the player takes by 1000, lasts 1 min.

Razorscale strategy:

Razorscale strategy step 1:
Start the Encounter. Enemy Mobs will spawn and will attack friendly mobs fixing the harpoons.

Razorscale strategy step 2:
Ignore Razorscale. Defend the friendly mobs working on the Harpoons.

Split DPS to Melee DPS and Range DPS standing on oposite sides of the circle on the ground. Tank the sentinels on the Ranged DPS side to avoide massive damage to Melee DPS.

Razorscale strategy step 3:
Keep out for Devouring Flames (it looks like bluish flames on the ground).

Razorscale strategy step 4:
Whenever a Harpoon is ready, throw a harpoon at Razorscale.

Razorscale strategy step 5:
After throwing 4 Harpoons, Razorscale will land.

Razorscale strategy step 6 (Phase 2):
Razor Scale is not attacking but will use a cone attack at the end of the phase, so all DPS stay behind her, while an OT keeps the adds busy.

If you manage to get Razorscale below 50% health while she is tied up, she will stay down, and will need to be tanked. Other wise she will soon escape and fly back up, forcing you to get back to step # 2.

When knocked off by her, refresh instant ranged DoTs on her to make sure RazorScale continues to take damage on air.

Razorscale strategy step 6 (Phase 3, Razor Scale is at 50% health):
Blow all DPS cooldowns to make sure Razorscale is killed before the Flame Buffet makes sure your tank takes too much damage to survive.

Razorscale strategy notes:

  • Razorscale fight has 10 Minutes Enrage timer
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