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NaxxQ: What is Naxx?

A: Naxx is a raid instance located in Dragon Blight. It can be run by a 10 man group (in normal mode) and 25 man groups (on heroic mode). It has 15 bosses, the final one being Kel'Thuzad.

Q: What drops can I expect to find in Naxx?

A: Naxx bosses drop Tier 7 Tokens (on normal mode) and Tier 7.5 Tokens (On heroic mode). Those can later be traded to the respective Tier gear at vendors in Dalaran.

Q: Is there any special Gear I should bring along to Naxx? How do I know I have enough gear?

A: The instance is designed as an introductory Raid instance for Wrath of the Lich king, meaning Naxx is located low on the difficulty scale. It can be completed with blues attained from Heroics on normal level, and a few epic upgrades from emblem tokens and normal Naxx drops should get you ready for Heroic Naxx.

Tanks are advised to have at least 20K unbuffed health and a bit more then that on armor value for normal runs, and about 28K or so health for heroic mode.

For the Sapphiron encounter the raid members should equip themselves with some frost resist gear. No need to get overboard here, an Item or two should cut it, with a Paladins frost resist aura.

Q: What is the best raid composition for Naxx?

A: For normal run 2 tanks 3 healers and rest DPS should work. For heroics best to bring along 3 or 4 tanks and 6 -7 healers, depends on how well those are geared.

Q: In what order should I progress in Naxx?

A: Naxx is divided to 4 wings, each containing 3-4 bosses, and those can be approached in any particular order. Generally speaking the construct wing might be considered the most "difficult" to finish for under geared players because it contains 2 of the most DPS demanding fights: Patchwerk and Thaddius.

When finishing all those 4 wings you will be able to engage the 2 last bosses of this instance: Sapphiron and Kel'Thuzad.

Q: Where can I gind tutorials for the bosses of Naxx?

A: There are complete Naxx for Dummies guides with tutorial videos here at Wow-guides-noW, follow the links below.

The wings and bosses are:

Arachnid Quarter:
Considered the easiest of all wings. Spooky spiders and Dark cultists type of lair.

•    Anub'Rekhan
•    Grand Widow Faerlina
•    Maexxna
Plague Quarter:
Residents ad ghouls, gargoyles, worms and other plagued creatures.

•    Noth the Plaguebringer
•    Heigan the Unclean
•    Loatheb

Military Quarter:
Death knight bosses and their undead minions

Construct Quarter:
The abomination wing, filled with slimes and toxic abilities creatures

•    Patchwerk
•    Grobbulus
•    Gluth
•    Thaddius
Final Bosses:
Once you've finished all the four Quarters the blue teleport about the exit portals becomes active and will lead you to Sapphiron's lair.
•    Sapphiron
•    Kel'Thuzad
  Naxx Bosses "For Dummies" Guides:

Naxx strategy FAQ Guide

Anub'Rekhan strategy 

Grand Widow Faerlina strategy

Maexxna strategy

Noth the Plaguebringer strategy

Heigan the Unclean strategy

Loatheb strategy

Instructor-razuvious strategy

Gothik strategy

Four Horsemen strategy

Patchwerk strategy

Grobbulus strategy

Gluth strategy

Thaddius strategy

Shappiron strategy

Kel'Thuzad strategy

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