Thorim strategy for dummies guide (4.2 Million HP heroic/ 1.4 Mill normal)

The following Thorim strategy refers to the Ulduar raid instance (10 and 25 man raid).
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Below is a movie of the encounter we found on YouTube, Stay tuned for the to official tutorial guide

Thorim strategy basics:

Thorim strategy phase 1:
At the start of the fight, Thorim stands on a balcony over looking an arena where a giant Jormungar Behemoth fights a hostile group (of the opposite faction to yours). Your raid will need to kill both the Jormungar Behemoth AND the hostile group to start the actual fight against Thorim.

First priority threwout this whole encounter is to kill the Acolyte adds (healers) first

Thorim strategy phase 2:
Your raid splits in 2 groups: The first stays in the arena and deals with thatever Thorim throws on you (read the Thorim strategy steps below) and the other one uses a hallway to the left to fight a few mini bosses to reach Thorim from the other side.
When they do (and they 5 Minutes to do so) Thorim will jump into the arena himself allowing the raid to DPS him down.

Thorim strategy phase 3:
At the this stage Thorim will keep hitting harder and harder (like Grull) as time goes by.

Thorim main abilities:

Thorim throws a hammer on a target, dealing low damage to him (about 2K), knocking him and stunning him for 2 seconds, and most importantly causes a medium damage 9about 6K) to anyone near the target, as well as preventing spell casting for 6 seconds. (This side AOE side effect debuf is called Deafening Thunder).

Unbalancing strike (15 seconds duration on heroic, half of it on normal):
Thorim lowers the tanks defend by 200 (on heroic mode, half of it on normal mode).

Lightning Charge: (15 seconds CD)

Thorim uses an energy source, causing damage to anyone between him and the source, and increasing his own strikes by 20%.

Thorim strategy:

Thorim strategy step 1:
Before facing Thorim you first handle the Jormungar Behemoth and the hostile group. Nothing special here, just nuke the Acolyte first, and you should be fine.

Thorim strategy step 2:
When they die Thorim will summon a lot of constructs to the arena. Split you raid into 2 groups.

Thorim strategy step 3: (Group 1)
Stay in the arena and handle the adds.
Stay spread away so that Stormhammer AOE hits a few raiders as possible.
Watch out for the lightning orbs: Thorim will activate them and they will explode, move away when they are activated.

Thorim strategy step 4: (Group 2)
You may want to send 2 Off Tanks in this Group, depending on how well they are geared.
This group uses the hallway on the left to reach Thorim.
You will face 2 constructs and two small bosses.
Take note the bosses should be tanked facing away from the raid, because they make very high (30-40K on heroic) damage to anyone in a cone in front of them.
You will have 5 minutes to reach Thorim. Then Thorim will jump down to the raid below.

Mini boss #1:
He will send flames all the way down one side of the corridor while you fight the trash to get to him. Watch closely for his right or left arm flame animation indicating which side it's going to be and stay away from the side of the corridor.

Mini boss #2:
After killing boss #1 he will keep spawning adds at you until he is pulled.
Either send the tank and a healer to pull him while the group kills the adds in the hallway, or CC (sheep / hex works great here) the mobs and handle the boss first. Note that acolytes still have prio and should be killed first.

If you fails to reach Thorim in 5 minutes thorim will enrage the adds and will wipe the raid.

Thorim strategy step 5:
Spread around the room (to avoid chain lightning losses) and kill Thorim.
Watch for Unbalancing Strikes which will reduce your tanks defense, adn switch when needed.

Thorim strategy step 6:
Watch closely for the lightning animation connectiing thorim to the pillars, indicating where Thorim is going to send a lightning wave. clear that area as its got a wide cone shape, then spread back.
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