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Mists of Pandaria and Diablo 3

Welcome to Pandaria!

If like me, you're leveling a Monk (and... well, TBH I'm also leveling a lock ... and my 70 rogue... you know... if i'm already in the mood), you should definetly check my leveling guide addon of choice, Zygor's guide, which continues to be the #1 leveling guide, 3 years in a row.
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Things you should know about Diablo 3

Now that Diablo 3 is launched, you should know the true potential this game has over other games, the Real Money Making potential!

Make Rela Money at the Diablo 3 Auction House  
Diablo 3 Features Real Money auction house for the very first time, so you can actually buy Items or gold for real cash, and earn real money from selling items and gold yourself.

That way playing Diablo 3 may become very profitable to you, but you really will need to know what you're doing, because Blizzard intend to limit the use of the Real Money Auction house and (of course) take auction fees off the payments you will receive.

It will not be that difficult though with just a little guidance, and at the least you will be able to pay back your game investment, which can't be bad news.

We recommend signing up to Diablo 3 Gold Secrets guide (it's really cheap if you buy it pre launce, around 17$ or so) and it offers a special pre launch section to make the most of the first month pf play for an edge over the other Auction House competitors.

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